The Best Product Management Books

I have found that reading books on product management can be incredibly valuable for developing my skills and knowledge. So, I would like to share my list of the best product management books.

I hope this list will provide you with valuable insights and resources to help you develop skills and succeed in your career as a product manager.

Happy reading!

Beginner Product Development Books

Cracking the PM Interview book

Cracking the PM Interview

By Gayle Laakmann McDowell, Jackie Bavaro

Inspired book


By Marty Cagan

Hooked. How to build habit-forming products


By Nir Eyal

The Product Book book

The Product Book

By Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, Josh Anon

Product Roadmaps

By C. Todd Lombardo, Bruce McCarthy, Evan Ryan, Michael Connors

Intermediate Product Development Books

Escaping the Build Trap

By Melissa Perri

Continuous Discovery Habits

By Teresa Torres

Read my summary of this book >


By Zeratsky Knapp, Jake

The Lean Startup Book

The Lean Startup

By Eric Ries

The Lean Product Playbook book

The Lean Product Playbook

By Dan Olsen

Advanced Product Development Books


By Marty Cagan, Chris Jones

The Making of a Manager book

The Making of a Manager

By Julie Zhuo

When Coffee and Kale Compete book

When Coffee and Kale Compete

By Alan Klement


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