Vit Lyoshin Podcast is all about helping you understand the product development world. Whether you're already an expert or just curious.

Vit invites interesting people who share ideas that can make a difference.

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Vit Lyoshin Podcast aims to inspire and educate listeners by exploring innovative ideas and insights from fascinating individuals across various fields. We delve into topics that matter, from product development and leadership to technology and communication.

Who Is It For

Vit Lyoshin Podcast is for anyone passionate about learning and growing, whether you're a seasoned professional, an entrepreneur, or simply curious about the latest trends and practices in product development, tech, leadership, and communication.

What to Expect

Expect engaging conversations with thought leaders and experts who share their experiences, challenges, and actionable advice. Each episode is designed to provide valuable takeaways and help you make a difference in your personal and professional life.


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